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The success of an IoT initiative hinges upon the ability to drive value from data acquisition, integration, analytics, intelligently automating processes and the operations of connected devices in real time.

IoT Initiatives can:

  • Intelligently automate operations in real time.
  • Transform data into customer, product, service insights.
  • Use analytics to create self-aware, auto-healing, intelligent systems.
  • Collect, store and manage multifaceted data from variety of end points.
  • Use smart sensors to remotely monitor readings, eliminate manual inspections.
  • Institutionalize remote product management.
  • Provide predictive and preventive maintenance.

We’ll work with you to create the design, architecture and road map for prototyping and connecting your devices and sensors, giving you the ability to handle a large amount of structured and unstructured data to automate processes, cut costs and more effectively market to consumers.

We understand how to aggregate IoT device data in the cloud and manage the complexity of its volume, velocity, and variety. Our design-led approach ensures a beautiful, intuitive user experience combined with powerful data analysis capabilities.

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Our Process

Research & Design

Strategic business objectives, detailed requirements and innovative ideas are combined to plan and design solutions.

Create & Refine

Using an iterative, agile approach, the user experience, interface and functionality are created and refined.

Test & Deliver

Quality assurance and comprehensive implementation planning ensures successful delivery of a robust, well-designed product.